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Langley Enterprises
Our purpose is multi-faceted. As the world faces new challenges daily, strategic, operational, financial, security, capital funding and investment approaches to execute efficiently and effectively while minimizing undue exposure to these risks continue to evolve. This evolution has forced organizations, such as NK Energy, a subsidiary of Langley Enterprises, to focus on how and where we acquire goods and services. Though many enterprise and organizational risks at their foundations, remain the same, new strategic, operational, organizational and enterprise related threats have risen to the surface due to the war in Eastern Europe and a closer alignment between Russia and China where once those hazards lay dormant or were considered insignificant.  These impacts apply but are not limited to energy, raw materials, industrial parts and supplies such as semiconductors and transportation vehicles, food and household staples. resource and acquisition as organizations including governments analyze the necessity of reshoring and strategic diversification.  change management, risk management, program and project management. Our goal is to enhance organizational growth, increase the effectiveness of execution through process enhancement and automation, business, program and project efficiency, cost reduction, margin improvements, quality scalability, client relationship management, requirements gathering and control, marketing and business development. We can be reached at 832-857-8228 or
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